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At The White Buffalo Bar & Grille we serve local, fresh, and healthy food. Our menu features bison raised at a local farm and fish caught daily. Enjoy the health benefits of lean bison meat and omega-3 rich fish while supporting local businesses. Join us for a nourishing dining experience that celebrates our community and your well-being.


White Buffalo

Our Name

A white buffalo is a very rare occurrence. Just one of every 10 million buffalo are born white. They are considered sacred among many Native tribes and are supposed to mean good fortune. The buffalo served in our restaurant comes from a herd that is pasture raised, is located within 10 miles of the restaurant, and includes one of the rare white buffalo.

Before European settlers came to the Straits area, fish and game, including buffalo, roamed the waters and land in great abundance. In the early 19th century, explorers reported seeing herds of buffalo that covered many square miles of land, and some people even claimed the fish were so plentiful that a person could walk across the water – on fish! As the commercial fishing and meat-packing industries developed, Michigan began shipping fish and game to other states, at unsustainable levels. This caused a drastic decline in the once-plentiful buffalo and fish populations. However, with a focus on sustainable farming and re-stocking our lakes and rivers with fish, we’re seeing these native species returning for this generation – and future generations – to enjoy.

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